Some Good Options For Commercial Door Locks

Criminal acts like theft and burglary have always disturbed the minds of shop and home owners and therefore require utmost concern. Security is a highly essential matter in commercial places where items and products of high value are found which increase the chances of sudden criminal acts.

A wide range of door locks systems for commercial use can be easily found in the market. Electric locks are of a large commercial use because they make bypassing quite difficult and also help in controlling traffic during the working hours. You should always choose a kind of lock system that would make it impossible for the thieves or burglars to break-in and steal.

One of the most popular kinds of commercial locks is the exit control lock which work on battery and can also be found with high decibel alarm sound that can prevent burglary. Another common lock system is the card reader lock. They require card readers to be swiped or touched by the card. Fingerprint locks are also quite popular in the market, especially for the high technology involved in its function. It works by sensing fingerprints and so gives access to only those whose fingerprints are recorded in its database. This kind of lock system provides high security. We were told this is very important by the locksmiths over at Diamondback Lock and Key.

You will find several online stores that deal in commercial door locks. You can easily visit their web pages to learn about the various kinds of locks available, their working mechanisms, designs, and prices. Most of these locks are quick and easy to install, and so the installation can be done without the help of a locksmith. However, if you want to get the fittings done in the best way possible, always get the assistance of a professional locksmith.

Doors provide buildings with a certain level of security and are more than just entryways and a means for privacy. But even if you’ve selected the best commercial doors, one still needs to pair it with the best commercial door hardware. Levers, knobs and locks come in a multitude of options, offering plenty of features and functions to provide security and ease. Commercial grade door locks are meant to withstand heavy-duty usage. And with people constantly going in and out of doors, you want to pick quality brand names that you know and trust. Who wants to deal with door locks and hardware that will easily wear and tear after little use?

A brand like Schlage, for example, never compromises on security. Their locks, deadbolts and exit devices go under some tests, such as cycle, door impact, bolt strength, and resistance rests, to determine their grade level and so they can meet clients’ needs. Levers are actually a great choice for commercial buildings because they are easier to use for all people, including those with disabilities. Doorknobs are not in compliance with the ADA and levers are a smart choice to ensure you are following all regulations.

Before making final decisions, you need to think about the purpose of each room. Which rooms need doors with locks on them? If they do need locks, what kind of lock and level of protection does one need? Do you want a simple push-button lock on one side and key entry on the other? Perhaps you want an inside lever that is always locked to ensure no one can get access without a key at all times. There are dozens of combinations to fit your needs, so consider what is being housed in the room and who needs entry and how often. You might want to make access much easier for rooms frequently used.

Keep in mind that you may need to change the lock and keys one day, for security purposes. But some locks that you choose may require you to replace the entire lock in order to do so. You might want to find commercial door hardware that is more flexible so you can upgrade security without replacing all the cylinders.

Commercial door hardware can protect not only the building itself but the people inside. Put plenty of thought and effort into these seemingly small decisions, because in reality, they will have a major effect on building and the people who use it.

Author: Jeffrey Reed

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